Home Improvement Projects Often Overlooked

Most homeowners look around the living space and have several ideas for improvement projects. Renovating the kitchen or bathroom are the most common ones. Finishing a basement, adding a home theater, or updating the flooring is also on the list. There are some essential improvements that are consistently overlooked because they are not emphasized, visible, or necessarily valued.

The Furnace

Most people wait until the furnace completely breaks down before replacing it. In some cases that is due to lack of finances, and in other cases it is due to a lack of planning. Replacing a furnace or boiler before it ceases to operate will save time, aggravation, and money. Very few plumbing contractors keep something as large and expensive as a furnace in stock. That means it has to be ordered. Do you really want to spend up to a week with no heat and no hot water?

Express ordering a boiler and paying after hour labor charges to get it installed as soon as possible will result in higher costs for an already expensive venture. When the furnace is getting older or requires more frequent repairs, start saving money for that home improvement. The family will not have to be inconvenienced, the furnace will be replaced before it suddenly stops working, and there will be no extra costs involved.

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Water Quality

Most homes in the US have hard water, according to the US Geological Survey. The rest have water that tastes horrible right out of the tap. Investing in a water softener or reverse osmosis system phoenix will provide a high return on the investment, eliminate the need for bottled water, and increase the value of the property.

Water entering the home, unless sourced from a well, will contain chemicals, bacteria, calcium, minerals, chlorine, and many other harmful substances. It discourages proper hydration, leaves a white ring around pots and pans, and smells foul. A system will improve the health of the family and save money on bottled water.


Upgrading smoke detectors, adding carbon monoxide detectors, and placing folded ladders in the upstairs rooms in case of emergency drastically increases the safety of the home and the people swelling in it. Secure the perimeter with a stylish fence to discourage intruders. Have landscape lighting installed for safety. Most of these improvements will also lower insurance premiums and decrease liability risks. Go beyond the aesthetics when considering improvements and take care of essentials first.

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